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Community Pack

$49.99 $34.99 / month

The community pack aligns our vision and mission perfectly together. It is a low cost service that allows individuals, entrepreneurs, or small businesses to start, grow, or reach their full potential and goals without the over exaggerated price markup.

The Community Pack:

Hosting – w/ Free SSL & WordPress Theme Installation
Fully Optimized Website – Premium Security, SEO, Performance, Backup, Monitoring, & Analytical plugins
Consulting – 3 Free consultations to help you strategize your next steps to success. There is also a community of professionals to help with any barriers you may face.
Startup Resources – Gain access to 1000s of wholesalers and drop shippers plus learn how to Properly market and advertise for a higher conversion and greater success.

This package is idea for anyone looking to get started, but does Not know where to start. It is affordable to ensure sustainability for larger returns and worry free so you can dedicate your time on other important task.

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About The Community Pack:
The Community Pack is a way for startups to gain knowledge to effective launch or grow their business. The services provides required resources free or at a discount. The Community Pack covers mundane task like WordPress Installation, Back ups, and performance & security checks so you can run your business and allocate the $100s of dollars in savings to other resources.


What the Community Pack does and does NOT offer:
The Community Pack provides the resources you need to run your business, it does not run your business for you.

The Community Pack shows you how to build your website ~ It is Not a graphic design service that will build your website for you.

The Community Pack shows you have to structure & build effective marketing campaigns ~ It will Not create or schedule social media post and advertise for you.
(You can submit a support ticket for “assistance” in creating campaigns AND use the Editor to submit your information to be shared. This service is not done without your consent, however)

The Community Pack is ideal for those individual that fall in line with our Vision & Mission. The Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner that is still working 2-3 jobs to not only make their dreams come true, but also have mouths at home to feed. The reality is, “Running a business will always have business expenses. However, paying $1500+ for a website when you don’t really know if you need a website to begin with is one of the reasons businesses fail in the first few years of starting.”

This is why are cost are so low. We Are Here To Help!


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